How To Photograph a Cat

How To Photograph a Cat - Cat humor

  1. Put the cat on a pillow.
  2. Set up your camera and focus it on the pillow.
  3. Put the cat back on the pillow.
  4. Get a bowl of food and put it next to the pillow.
  5. Put the cat back on the pillow.
  6. Grab the food bowl and follow the cat. As you run, hold the bowl in your cat’s face, tempting her to eat.
  7. See if the neighbors will come over and pick up the sofa while you snap a picture of the cat underneath.
  8. Cross the names of your neighbors off the list for your next party.
  9. Put cat back on pillow.
  10. Place a catnip-stuffed mouse in front of your cat and wait for your cat to go crazy.
  11. Go back to the pet store and demand a refund.
  12. Decide on a family portrait with cat instead.
  13. To stop the argument over which child gets to pose with the cat, agree to take pictures of each child holding the cat on his or her lap.
  14. Tell each child that it doesn’t matter who holds the cat first because you’ll shuffle the pictures after they’re developed and look at them in a different order than the order they were taken.
  15. Get more cats, one for each child, and go back to step one.
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